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Senior Management Profiles

Registered in England and Wales, Company Number 4948874, we commenced trading from our Wallington, Surrey offices in June 2004.

The company's Executive Director is Mr Mahen Caussyram who is also a founder member of Carefirst24. Mahen and his dedicated Senior Management team have over 40 years experience in the social and health care industry.

Mahen Caussyram MBA.RMA.RN

Executive Director and Chairman

Mahen is a family man who takes his responsibilities quite seriously. He enjoys spending time at home with family and friends and has been known to host deliciously good soirèes.

On a professional level, Mahen is a registered nurse specialising in mental health issues and forensic psychiatric nursing. He has contributed greatly to the design and management of several acute care packages for Primary Care Trust's and the Private Sector.

As the manager of a busy Day Centre he developed an interest in human resource management and work as an activities coordinator. His main achievements have included developing Mental Health Outreach Services for HM Prison Services. It was during this time that he felt that the care service providers could be better.

Mahen is also a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and is a founder member of Carefirst 24.


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